Lucknow: In a gut-wrenching tale, a man from Uttar Pradesh fell from a train and walked for over two hours with his intestines out. While walking to the nearest station which was nine kilometers away, he tied his shirt around his ripped stomach.

He was later rescued and rushed to a nearby hospital.

A police official told TOI, Sunil Chowhan, 24, along with his brothers, had boarded Sanghamithra Express in Balia. He had got out of his berth to use the toilet, but accidentally fell from the moving train.

“While walking towards he toilet, Sunil stopped near the washbasin but accidentally fell out of the train when the train swerved sharply. No one saw him fall. He suffered a severe injury in the abdomen and his entails came out,”the official told the leading daily.

However, Sunil pulled himself together, gathered some courage and shoved his intestines back into the stomach and tied his shirt around the wounded area. He walked  in pitch darkness till he reached the nearest station.

He was spotted by the station master and rushed to a hospital.

His condition is being said to be stable.