Lucknow: Days after a video showing students of a government school eating roti with salt as their mid-day meal in Uttar Pradesh did rounds of social media, a case has now been registered against the journalist who reported the incident.

The state government has booked the journalist Pawan Jaiswal for criminal conspiracy. A representative of the local village head was also accused of defaming the UP government.

On August 23, around 100 students of a government school were seen eating roti with salt as their mid-day meal in Uttar Pradesh’s Mirzapur district. It must be noted that midday meal is Centre’s flagship scheme for providing better nutrition to children in government schools across the country.

This comes even after the district magistrate assured that the matter would be dealth with strictly and action taken against those responsible for serving such low standard mid-day meal.

“The issue has come to our notice and an inquiry was ordered in the issue. After the allegations of serving roti and salt were found true, two people Murari and Arvind Tripathi have been suspended and strict action will be taken further,” Anurag Patel, district magistrate of Mirzapur, had said.

“Negligence happened at teacher and supervisor’s level. The teacher has been suspended. A response has been sought from supervisor,” he had asserted.

According to the website of state Midday Meal Authority, the overseeing body for these meals in the state, government-run primary schools list an elaborate menu that is supposed to be served to children. It includes pulses, rice, rotis and vegetables. Fruits and milk are included on certain days, according to the meal chart.

As per the Centre, the midday meal scheme is designed to provide a minimum of 450 calories per child per day, which should include at least 12 grams of protein each day too. These meals should be served to each child, at least, 200 days a year.