Agra, Aug 29: Madrassas in Uttar Pradesh will now teach Muslim men the correct ways to give talaq to their wives. The madrassas have started preparing to educate the Muslim men after the Supreme Court held triple talaq as unconstitutional. This is being done to educate Muslim couples to follow Sharia in the matter of separation and avoid instant talaq.

“Following the apex court order on triple talaq, we conducted a meeting of clerics associated with madrassas and have urged them to inform the community through students, and also in their Friday prayers and during religious congregations, about the correct ways of giving talaq,” Maulana Shahbudin Razvi, national general secretary, Jamat Raza-e-Mustafa was reported as saying by TOI.

Razvi said that he would suggest Muslim women to not take their personal matter to the courts or police. Mufti Muddasar Khan from Agra told TOI that they have a full chapter on the correct ways of going through a talaq and he would ask his students to educate others about it.

“At present, there are over 200 madrassas, including non-recognised ones, in Aligarh and about 150 in Agra. However, students in lower classes are not taught practices of talaq, nikah or halala,” Khan said.

Syed Jamal, who runs a madrassa in Aligarh, said that triple talaq is wrong according to the Sharia law and they want to educate people on the correct way of giving talaq.

A madrassa teacher at Albarkat Islamic Research and Training Institute, Maulana Noman Ahmed Azhari said that many people are not aware of the Sharia law and hence, they practice the laws incorrectly. “We will not only train our students well but motivate them to teach the correct things to others also, as there is an urgent need to end wrong practices,” he said.

“Through madrassa students, we can reach out to a large Muslim audience and educate men about the correct practices, which are in accordance with sharia,” said another teacher.