Saharanpur (UP): A woman is being isolated by Deobandi Ulemas for tying a rakhi to a UP Police inspector on Rakshabandhan this Sunday. According to a report in Navbharat Times, women across the state observed the festival with UP Police. On the occasion, a Muslim woman also participated but the issue has now been blown out of proportions by Deobandi Ulemas. UP Police DGP had issued directions that police officials should interact with women and get them to tie rakhis on them so that they had a sense of security. In keeping with his directions, the Deoband kotwal also got a rakhi tied on his wrist; only the woman was a Muslim, which led to an uproar among the Deobandi ulemas. (Also read: ‘Give National Animal Status to Cow’)

Deoband ulemas have announced that touching a man who isn’t family is against Islam. They also said women coming out of their purdah to participate in the event was against their religion and they should desist from doing so. Deobandi Mufti Ahmad said first of all Islam doesn’t allow Muslim women to tie rakhis. In his defence, he said to do so, women had to relinquish their purdah and touch a man who wasn’t a family member. He said both these actions were not allowed in Islam.  Echoing his thoughts, Mufti Tariq Ahmed said the woman who tied the rakhi should tell herself she would desist from such actions in future as it is unIslamic.

Earlier this year, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind President Maulana Arshad Madni had said that declaring cow as the national animal would ensure both cows and humans were safe. “Do one thing, make a law to declare cow the national animal, this way both cows and human lives will be safe. This will be useful for the country,” he said. Another Muslim cleric came out in his support by saying it was in the interest of the country to declare cow as India’s national animal. “It is a good initiative and coming from Muslim community, it’ll be in country’s interest. The Prophet has stated that cow meat brings disease, cow milk is beneficial and cow ghee is medicinal, hence, for India’s benefit, I urge the Government of India to make cow the national animal,” said Muslim cleric Umer Iliyasi.