Lucknow, Feb 22: A couple died in Uttar Pradesh as no one came forward to help them as they lay injured on the road. The incident happened in Etawah when Shivam, the boy, shot himself in the head and Rachna, the girl, cried for help from onlookers. However, no help came from the bystanders, who instead made videos and told her that the police were on their way. When she saw no help coming, Rachna also shot herself.

The police took the lovers to the hospital as soon as they reached. However, the hospital authorities pronounced both of them brought dead.

Shivam and Rachna were both residents of Etawah. Shivam was working in Hyderabad. The parents of the boy and the girl disapproved of their relationship. Shivam was visiting Etawah to attend a wedding when the incident happened.

On February 19, Shivam asked Rachna to run away with him so they both could get married to each other. However, Rachna refused to go against her parents and elope. Shivam, who was carrying his father’s gun, shot himself in the head and fell down in Rachna’s lap.

Rachna cried loud and asked onlookers to help her take Shivam to the hospital. While one person said that the police would come and help, another started making a video of the two. But no one helped. When she failed to get any help in saving Shivam’s life, Rachna took the gun and shot herself too. When the police came and took them to the hospital, it was perhaps too late.