New Delhi: The Vice-Chancellor of Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences in Saifai of Etawah district Raj Kumar had slammed the veracity of the information that said newcomers were forced to tonsure and paraded on the campus.

Calling it ‘baseless’, Kumar said that as per the preliminary-enquiry report all the new students have clearly denied any incident of ragging. Raj Kumar was quoted by news agency ANI as saying, “The report states that the information regarding the ragging incident is baseless. It has signatures of all the students.”

Notably, over 150 junior students of the University were seen with shaved heads on campus. Earlier reports claimed that the newcomers were forced to bow in reverence and chant “Huzur tohfa kabool hai”, a line from the popular Bollywood movie “Three Idiots”.

On Wednesday, the Vice-Chancellor of the varsity Raj Kumar told news agency ANI, “If there has been any indiscipline, strict action will be taken. Students can approach at least their warden. I’ll keep an eye.” He had also noted that the university has a separate dean of social welfare for the students and an anti-ragging committee to deal with complaints. Raj Kumar added, “Strong action will be taken against those involved. We have suspended students earlier also. I want to assure juniors that they need not worry.”

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, a video clip of the tonsured students parading on the campus went viral on social media. In the video, the first-year students in uniform were seen walking in a single file with their backpacks on. They were also saluting their seniors as they passed by.