Lucknow, August 12: Uttar Pradesh police on Saturday introduced a social media campaign with the hashtag #ANoMeansNo, as a warning for all those who think a woman’s ‘no’ implies ‘yes’. The tweet garnered over 1,000 likes, 386 retweets and 64 replies in a couple of hours. It must be noted that ‘No means no’ is an anti-rape slogan that emphasises sexual consent, as per a definition cited by Google.

The campaign was launched to create an awareness amongst people who are involved in eve-teasing and other forms of harassment, despite a woman’s disapproval of unsolicited advances. A police official told TOI that that idea came from a dating app which used something similar in its promotional clip. “We uploaded the video clip of UP Police’s official Twitter handle on August 19 with the caption saying: Even an app understands the importance of consent, why can’t you? And it was an instant hit,” the police official told the leading daily.

Further, the UP police is planning to launch a series of such campaigns in the coming days. One of the campaigns would also make use of popular film dialogues to convey a message and spread awareness regarding various issues.