Sambhal: In a shocking incident, an alcoholic father shot dead his own daughter who tried to stop him from drinking in Uttar Pradesh’s Sambhal district.

The incident happened on Saturday when 52-year-old Nem Singh, a resident of the Bandarai village in the Sambhal district, allegedly shot dead his 17-year-old daughter from a point-blank range. On hearing the loud noise, the neighbours rushed to the spot and informed the police. The girl was rushed to the hospital, however, she was declared dead on arrival by the doctors.

Nem Singh had taken to drinking after the death of his wife who committed suicide, 15 years ago. He had even sold a large chunk of his agriculture land to get money because of his drinking habits.

All three of his children used to oppose his drinking habit, but to no avail. Two years back, his eldest son, Gaurav moved to Delhi along with his wife. Singh’s younger son, Saurabh, and daughter Nitesh continued living with their father.

Unfortunately, Saurabh was not at home when Nem Singh shot his daughter, the police said.

Meanwhile, Singh has been arrested and has confessed to killing his daughter.