New Delhi, August 13: Following the order by the Uttar Pradesh government, which makes singing of the National Anthem and making a video of it on Independence Day compulsory, including in madrassas, clerics of the state appealed authorities to withdraw the diktat. According to them certain phrases in the national anthem is against the tenets of Islam and hence they will refrain from singing it. However, they encouraged the community to celebrate the day as patriots and hoist the flag. Also Read - NEET 2020: UP Scrap Dealer's Son Clears Medical Entrance Test in 9th Attempt | Read His Story

As per reports, Sharia laws restrict making of videos and photography and making a video of the independence day programme will be openly flouting the laws which is taught in these madrassas. Times of India quoted Qazi Maulana Aszad Raza Khan of Bareilly, who said in order to remember the freedom struggle and the martyrs, he appealed madrassa managers to hoist the flag and distribute sweets. Also Read - Hathras Case: Supreme Court Directs Allahabad HC to Monitor 'All Aspects' of CBI Probe

Khan also referred to the instance when Rajasthan governor Kalyan Singh raised objection to singing the national anthem. Singh stated that since the anthem praised the English Rulers, a certain phrase in it needs to be replaced. In the same tone, Khan said, since the anthem praised George V as the ‘adhinayak’, it is ‘unislamic’. According to him, in Islam only God is the ‘adhinayak’. Also Read - This Pakistan Bank Has Made Hijab & 'Loose Dresses' Mandatory For Women Employees, Twitter Slams 'Discriminatory' Move

The Bareilly Qazi also emphasised on the fact that they do not disrespect the national anthem, but cannot sing it due to their religious sentiments. He said instead of the national anthem, we will sing ‘Saare Jahan Se Acha Hindustan Humara’.

Mufti Maulana Jartab Raza Khan of Pilibhit has reportedly sought the intervention of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath in this matter. He said he appealed the government to withdraw the order, or else due to fear of hurting religious sentiments, they will be left with no choice but to defy it.