Lucknow: Two cops thrashed a youth, and then dragged him on the road in Uttar Pradesh’s Siddharth Nagar district. The incident took place on Thursday and was captured on the camera, news agency ANI reported.

According to the news agency, the two cops were suspended. Further, a departmental enquiry was ordered into the incident.

It is still not clear as to what led to the assault of the man. However, an initial probe into the matter suggested that an argument had broken out between the man and the police personnel over an alleged traffic violation.

As per the recorded footage, the cops named Virendra Mishra and Mahendra Prasad were roughing up the man while also hurling abuses at him. One of them also sat on the man and pulled him by his hair.

A child, present at the spot, also witnessed his uncle being thrashed brutally by the cops.

At the end of the video, the victim was seen refusing to hand over the keys of his vehicle while the cops tried to snatch it from him.