Agra, April 20: Investigation into the gangrape of a 24-year-old woman who took a lift in an acquaintance’s car on the Yamuna Expressway a few days ago has revealed that a friend of the survivor had sent her to the accused. Police have since caught Surendra Gurjar who got the survivor to “honey-trap” a man but the plan went awry. According to The Times of India, the Noida-based property dealer deputed the woman, employed at a CA’s firm, to “honey-trap” scrap dealer Salman Malik so he could extract the Rs 10 lakh he had loaned to the latter three years ago.

The woman was supposed to take a lift from Malik. Then, she was to click photos with him that Gurjar was planning to use later to blackmail Malik into returning his money. However, the woman was gagged and Malik and his friend, who had joined them somewhere along the way, took turns to rape her. The incident occurred in Krishnanagar, 15 kms off the expressway and the woman filed her complaint immediately after the crime. Initially, she did not name Gurjar but when police checked her call records and found 72 calls between the two in the past fortnight, they confronted her. The woman revealed Gurjar’s plan then and also confided that he had threatened to kill her brother if she named him in the FIR.

She belongs to a farmer family of Baghpat. She said Gurjar had assured her nothing would happen to her if she followed his instructions. She agreed because she felt indebted to Gurjar for helping her get her current job. However, he went incommunicado when she tried getting in touch with him after the rape. Police said DNA samples of the accused have been sent for tests.