New Delhi, Nov 10: Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) woke up to relatively lesser smog on Friday but all is not well yet. With Particulate Matter levels still over ten times than the prescribed standard in several parts of the city, the health hazards of smog still persists.

The temperature remained at 15 degree Celsius early morning and as per weather forecasts, it will reach a maximum of 26 degree Celsius in the afternoon. However, it suggests that the foggy, in this case smoggy, situation will continue throughout the day.

Similar weather conditions is expected to continue at least till November 14, when partly cloudy skies and light rain might bring in some respite for the people. However, from November 14 to at least November 16, the temperature will dip taking the temperature as down as 11 degree Celsius.

Ways to Tackle the Smog Situation: To do or Not to do

As the smog situation continues, it is highly advisable that people with respiratory diseases should remain indoors as much as possible. Even while indoors, make sure the smog finds no way in and if necessary, use prescribed masks even while at home.

People commuting are advised to wear the masks all the time. However, the surgical masks that people wear are hardly helpful in filtering the air.

People who drive or ride vehicles are advised to take extra care as visibility is highly affected due to smog. If possible and if available, use the fog lights. Driving slow is advised and at all times they must take care that they avoid inhaling the polluted air.

Children and elder people are especially advised to remain inside as they are most vulnerable in such situations.

Keeping the body rehydrated at all times is utmost important, hence drinking of fluids or simple water is highly advised. Coffee or anything with caffeine in it must be avoided as much as possible.

People might feel nauseated at times if exposed to smog for a longer stretch of time, avoid working in such situations.

Extra care must be taken to protect the eyes and washing them clean at a regular interval is advised.

Avoid outdoor food which might have been left uncovered.

While the Delhi government has decided to bring back the odd-even policy to decrease the pollutants emitted from driving vehicles, its list of exemption does show that the policy alone cannot save Delhi and purify its air. Educating people about the hazards and providing them with an alternate to the present habits like stubble burning are the first steps towards a cleaner environment, not just in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon, but across the nation.