New Delhi: The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) official website was hacked on Monday night with its homepage displaying images of a heart and Japanese cartoon Doraemon along with the caption: “Doraemon!!!!!!! Pick up the call.” The homepage of the UPSC website also had “I.M.STEWPEED” written at the bottom of the page.

In fact, the title track of the Japanese manga series also played in the background.  As soon as the visitors to the website that the official was hacked, they started sharing the screenshots on Twitter. The reports said that the UPSC website remained down for a few hours before it was restored this morning.

Lately, Team Kerala Cyber Warriors hacked the website of Hindu Mahasabha ( after the group’s leader Chakrapani Maharaj’s made a controversial remark on the Kerala flood victims. The hackers put up a picture of the “Kerala Spicy Nadan Beef Curry” and also its recipe with a message for “Chakrapani psycho”.

“We respect people for their character and not their food habits,” the message read. This was apparently in response to Hindu Mahasabha chief Chakrapani’s controversial remarks on the flood victims that only those who do not consume beef should be helped in Kerala floods and not the ones who do.

Accusing the ones who consume beef, Chakrapani had said that the innocent people (who do not consume beef) died in the Kerala floods because of the “misdeed of a few others”. “…Those who eat cow meat over there or are involved in killing cows, they should not be given any relief at all-whether it’s from the government or in kind,” he had said.