New Delhi: Shambhu Singh Khetsar, Rajasthan minister who was caught urinating publicly near a wall next to a BJP campaign poster in Ajmer, defended his act saying urinating in the public was “an age-old tradition” and relieving yourself in a crowded area is wrong. He further said that the place did not have any urinals at a stretch and he was busy working since morning. Also Read - No More Night Curfew in Rajasthan as COVID-19 Cases Decline

Asserting that only urination doesn’t contribute to uncleanliness when Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is concerned, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader said, “That place did not have urinals for kilometers at a stretch…It isn’t right to urinate in open but it’s a natural call. Urinating in a crowded area is wrong,” Also Read - Throat Slit, Body of 16-year-old Girl Found in Rajasthan's Barmer; Police Suspect Rape

On the BJP campaign posters nearby where he urinated, the Rajasthan minister said that there were some posters but he didn’t pay attention to them. Denying that he urinated near the poster, he said, “The photo of me urinating against a wall is not near a campaign poster.” Also Read - Six Dead, 19 Injured as Bus Catches Fire in Rajasthan's Jalore

He asserted that defecating and urinating are two different things, he said, “While defecating in public caused diseases, urinating in the open was not an issue, as long as it is done in a secluded area. The area where I urinated was a completely secluded area. If a man urinates in such a place, dirt and disease cannot spread.”