New Delhi, Aug 29: United States Secretary of State John Kerry, who is on an official trip to India, got struck in a traffic jam in Delhi. Kerry’s convoy got stuck at the highway to the city, where cars are moving at snail’s pace due to waterlogging. The ongoing incessant rainfall in the national capital has brought the city to a standstill. Similar traffic jams have also been reported from neighbouring Gurgaon. A foreign dignitary being stuck in a traffic jam at the national capital, is bound to cause embarrassment to the nation. Efforts are underway to clear the passage to allow his convoy to reach the official accommodation. Also Read - Punjab CM Had Several Chances to Stop Farm Bill But He Didn't Do So: Delhi CM Kejriwal

John Kerry decided to visit Bangladesh and India due to the growing unrest in the region of South Asia. He has expressed the need to combat terror in a more effective manner and through a strategic partnership between the subcontinental nations. Kerry’s visit also comes at a time when India is under severe international pressure to end the curfew in Kashmir and restore normalcy in the Valley. Amid the Kashmir unrest, global leaders hae also took cognizance of the growing friction between India and Pakistan, with the leaders of both the nations not refraining from making provocative remarks. Since India and Pakistan are both nuclear armed nation, any sort of military altercation between the two neighbours could result in massive destruction in South Asia. Also Read - Man Undergoes Lung Transplant in Delhi, First Such Surgery on Post-COVID Patient in North India

Earlier in the day, John Kerry expressed the concern over the rise of Islamic radicalism in Bangladesh and hinted that it could be closely related to the transnational terror outfit Islamic State (ISIS).

John Kerry has often exhibited a tough stance on the issue of terrorism being marred with insurgency in the region of SAARC. In veiled manner, he has also lashed out at Pakistan for aiding non-state actors using its soil for fueling militancy and disturbance in Indian-administered-Kashmir and Afghanistan.