New Delhi: Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) today said that there has not been any official report or statement on H-1B visa issue, while talking about the upcoming visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to India.

“It will be first high-level engagement with the United States after elections in India. During his visit, he will hold talks with the External Affairs Minister and he will also call on other dignitaries in Govt of India,” said MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar.

India’s letter to Pakistan remained at the centre of MEA’s weekly media briefing and Raveesh Kumar reiterated that they wrote a letter under the established democratic protocol of replying to congratulatory messages.

“We have seen the mentality of distorting facts in Pakistan media in this case, like how they distorted this simple straight-forward letter. The letter says that India wants to maintain a cooperative relationship with all nations in South Asia,” said Raveesh Kumar.

According to the MEA spokesperson, the letter said that a terror and a violence-free environment is necessary for a normal and cooperative relationship with the countries and there was nothing in that letter that spoke about “talks”.

On the question of whether the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the terror financing watchdog, will blacklist Pakistan, Kumar said, “We wouldn’t like to say anything. It’s a sensitive matter. It’s a matter on which decision has been taken by FATF members. Once they issue a press release, whatever decision is there, we’ll see if we’ve to react or not.”

I think we’ve made it clear time and again that Pakistan has to take action which is irreversible. Unless we are convinced that action has been taken on the ground, and not the temporary action which we’ve seen several times in the past. We won’t be fooled by some cosmetic action.

In the letter that PM Narendra Modi wrote to Pakistan PM Imran Khan had mentioned about Kartarpur Corridor as well. The letter said that the government will continue to work for early operationalisation of Kartarpur Corridor, functional all year round.