New Delhi, Jan 4: The dates for Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2017 has been announced by the Election Commission of India. All the 5 states will go to polls at one go. According to the Election Commission of India, Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections will be held in phases 7 phases. The process of filing nomination for Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections will begin from . The counting of votes for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls will take place on 11 March, 2017. The model code of conduct comes into force with immediate effect, said the Election Commission of India. The maximum poll spending for the candidates of Uttar Pradesh is 28 lakh. All expenses above Rs 20,000 will be cashless.Also Read - Congress President Election: BJP Takes Potshots At Kharge's Candidature, Says He Will Be 'Remote-Controlled'

The assembly election will be contested for the 403 seats of the Vidhan Sabha in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Also Read - Faulty Oximeter Made UP Family Believe Their Dead Son Was Alive, Kept Body For 18 Months At Home

Here’s the schedule for the Uttar Pradesh Election 2017: Also Read - Diwali Bonus Announced For BMC, BEST Employees, Health workers And Teachers in Maharashtra. Deets Here

Phase 1: 73 assembly constituencies, 15 districts

Date of notification: 17 January

Last date of making nomination: 24 January

Scrutiny of nominations: 25 January

Withdrawal of nomination: 27 January

Election date: 11 February

Phase 2: 67 assembly constituencies, 11 districts (bordering Uttarakhand)

Date of notification: 20 January

Last date of making nomination: 27 January

Scrutiny of nominations: 28 January

Withdrawal of nomination: 30 January

Election date: 15 February

Phase 3: 69 assembly constituencies, 12 districts

Date of notification: 24 January

Last date of making nomination: 31 January

Scrutiny of nominations: 2 February

Withdrawal of nomination: 4 February

Election date: 19 February

Phase 4: 53 assembly constituencies, 12 districts

Date of notification: 30 January

Last date of making nomination: 6 February

Scrutiny of nominations: 7 February

Withdrawal of nomination: 9 February

Election date: 23 February

Phase 5: 52 assembly constituencies, 11 districts

Date of notification: 2 February

Last date of making nomination: 9 February

Scrutiny of nominations: 11 February

Withdrawal of nomination: 13 February

Election date: 27 February

Phase 6: 49 assembly constituencies, 7 districts

Date of notification: 8 February

Last date of making nomination: 15 February

Scrutiny of nominations: 16 February

Withdrawal of nomination: 18 February

Election date: 4 March

Phase 7: 40 assembly constituencies, 7 districts

Date of notification: 11 February

Last date of making nomination: 18 February

Scrutiny of nominations: 20 February

Withdrawal of nomination: 22 February

Election date: 8 March

Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2017 Dates announced by Election Commission

Quick points:

  1. Nasim Zaid, Chief Election Commissioner said that electoral roll for Uttar Pradesh will be published on January 12.
  2. He also said that over 160 million voters are expected to vote in the five poll-bound states in the Assembly Elections 2017.
  3. Zaid also announced that this year, coloured voter slips will be issued by the Election Commission for the first time.
  4. Some rules have also been changed. As per the EC, candidates will be required to have a photo on the nomination paper.
  5. Use of loud speakers will be discouraged.
  6. Forces will be deployed in advance.
  7. The assembly election will be contested for the 403 seats of the Vidhan Sabha in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
  8. There are 80 Parliamentary Constituencies in Uttar Pradesh.
  9. Currently, the ruling Samajwadi Party has 229 seats in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, while the opposition Bahujan Samaj Party has 79, Bharatiya Janata Party has 41, and Congress has 29 seats.
  10. One seat has been reserved for an Anglo-Indian.
  11. The two primary political contenders in Uttar Pradesh are the Samajwadi Party and Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party.

This is all that can be expected in the poll-bound Uttar Pradesh:

  1. The Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections will witness a four-cornered contest among ruling Samajwadi Party (SP), Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Congress and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
  2. In the opinion polls conducted by ABP, it has been predicted that Samajwadi Party is leading in eastern Uttar Pradesh with 35 percent vote share whereas BJP leading in western Uttar Pradesh with 37 percent votes.
  3. Western Uttar Pradesh is the communal hotbed divided on the basis of religion with the Muzaffarnagar riots still fresh in the minds of electorate, opine experts.
  4. Considering the Samajwadi Party feud and that the warring factions haven’t reached on any agreement, the fate of Samajwadi Party remains gloomy. As Akhilesh and Mulayam continue to fight over the cycle symbol, it has yet not been cleared as to who gets to ride it in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections.
  5. While Congress has declared Sheila Dikshit its chief ministerial candidate, the BJP is yet to decide as to who will be their candidate. The saffron party will likely bank on the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  6. Samajwadi Party is expected to highlight the achievement and development projects done under its rule.
  7. Congress will try to woo farmers of the Uttar Pradesh, promising them loan waiver.
  8. Congress’ vice president Rahul Gandhi has been attacking PM Modi’s demonetisation drive calling it a “Firebombing”, the party is expected to hit on the same subject.
  9. While the BSP will try to consolidate Dalit-Muslim votes raising of violence against minorities, the BJP will highlight the pro-poor policies of Narendra Modi-led Central government.
  10. Striking at the UP government, Modi at his Parivartan rally had said that development is not the priority for the Uttar Pradesh government. He had also said that UP government is not ready to take any responsibility.
  11. Taking in the number of people that had turned-up at the rally for Narendra Modi’s speech, the future of BJP looks bright in the state.
  12. The BJP can also make use of the craze for Modi to win the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2017.