Lucknow, Jan 30: The pre-poll survey conducted by ABP News-Lokniti CSDS found the alliance of Samajwadi Party-Congress to be the most-preferred electoral option for Muslims and Yadavs in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh assembly elections 2017. The opinion poll claims that coalition of Samajwadi Party and Congress enjoys the support of over 73 per cent of Muslims and Yadavs in the poll-bound state. Also Read - Former IAS Officer AK Sharma Appointed as BJP's UP Unit Vice President

The findings of the ABP News-Lokniti CSDS opinion poll gives a major boost to the campaign of Samajwadi Party, as the party has traditionally targeted the Muslim-Yadav electoral base to storm to power. Yadavs constitute approximately 20 per cent of the state population, whereas, the Muslim voters form 18 per cent of the state’s electoral roll. The combined electoral base could drive Akhilesh Yadav back to power. READ: Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2017 Opinion Poll: Samajwadi Party-Congress alliance to win 187-197 seats: ABP News-Lokniti survey. Also Read - UP BEd 2021 Exam Date Announced At; Check Exam Pattern, Result Date And Other Details Here

The ABP News-Lokniti CSDS survey, while predicting 74 per cent of Muslims to support Samajwadi Party-Congress, claims that another 21 per cent would side with BSP, whereas, 3 per cent could vote for BJP. Also Read - Good News! Taj Mahal Reopens For Visitors as COVID Cases Decline

Among Yadavs, Samajwadi Party is expected to garner support from 73 per cent of the community. 12 per cent would align with BJP, whereas, 5 per cent could support Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).

In the Lok Sabha elections, the massive chunk of Yadav voters had voted in favour of BJP, owing to the pro-Narendra Modi wave. However, the section of community reportedly feels disillusioned by the Modi government. It is expected to re-align with Samajwadi Party, the outfit which is dominantly led by Yadavs.

The Muslim electorate was expected to be divided in Uttar Pradesh, giving advantage to BJP. However, the alliance between Congress and Samajwadi Party, combined with the wave of popularity which Akhilesh is enjoying, the community is expected to largely discard Mayawati’s outreach. Muslims, according to the survey, would repose their faith in the Akhilesh Yadav-led Samajwadi Party.

Would Dalit voters back Mayawati?

By and large, Mayawati would succeed in galvanising the majority of Dalit voters behind BSP, claims survey. According to the ABP News-Lokniti Opinion Poll, BSP would receive the support of Jatav Dalits, who form more than 80 per cent of the Dalit population in UP.

As per survey, 79 per cent of Jatavs would rally behind BSP, whereas, only 11 and 10 per cent of the community would vote for Samajwadi Party and BJP respectively.

However, among other communities of Dalits, who constitute the minority population among Dalits, Mayawati would be losing her grounds. Only 47 per cent would support Mayawati, predicts ABP News opinion poll, whereas, 24 per cent would vote for BJP. Interestingly, Samajwadi Party would be supported by 21 per cent of the non-Jatav Dalits, says survey.