New Delhi: In another shocking case of inattention in government schools, an English teacher in a secondary school in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh struggled to read out few lines in English from a Class 8 English textbook.

In a video shared by news agency ANI, Unnao District Magistrate Devendra Kumar Pandey asked a teacher to read out a paragraph from a book during a routine surprise inspection in Sikandarpur Sarausi area of the district. Furious at her inability to read a few basic lines, the DM ordered an immediate suspension of the teacher.

“She should be suspended immediately. She is a teacher and can’t even read…she can’t read English,” DM Pandey could be heard telling the other officials present there.

This proves the doleful condition of education standard in government schools in India’s rural districts.

Interestingly, the incident came to light days after the recent mid-day meal shocker in a primary school in Uttar Pradesh that was accused of serving students diluted milk with a bucket of water under the government scheme.

The video of the incident which has been doing rounds on the social media showed a woman (the cook) adding a bucket of water to one-litre milk to feed as many as 81 students of the school.

It must also be noted that as per a recent decision of the Education department of UP government, it is compulsory for English teachers across all government-run primary and upper primary schools in the state to learn spoken English for better communication with the students.

Teachers will have to go for a short-duration mandatory online course by the English Language Teaching Institute (ELTI), Allahabad, to improve the teaching-learning experience in government schools.