New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a man in Uttar Pradesh’ Kannauj city tried to sell his four-year-old daughter to arrange money for the treatment of his pregnant wife. New agency ANI reported that Arvind Banjara took his seven-month pregnant wife to district hospital after she developed some complications.

Doctors in the hospital asked him to arrange blood. And when he was unable to gather money for it, he thought of selling his eldest daughter, Roshni, for Rs 25,000.

“In the district hospital, we were told to get blood for her. They told me that she will not survive if blood is not arranged for her. I didn’t have money, so I had no other option, but to sell my child,” ANI quoted Banjara as saying.

When the police came about the case and stopped Banjara and his wife, Sukhdevi, from selling the child. The police also assured financial assistance for Sukhdevi’s treatment”

Tirwa police station officer, Amod Kumar Singh, said, “We got to know a couple needed money for treatment and was trying to sell their child to arrange for the money. When we found out that the woman is suffering from bleeding and needs help, the Tirwa police station decided to provide full financial aid to the family.”

In a similar incident, a man had sold off his wife and children for Rs 5 lakh at Koilakuntla in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. Pasupuleti Maddileti was addicted to gambling and liquor.