Aligarh, June 7: There are two things we Indians can be really possessive about in our lives. Firstly it is our sentiments and secondly it is freebies. We as Indians love nothing more than free gifts, and the proof of it is this video which has emerged from Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh area where chief minister Yogi Adityanath distributed free PLASTIC dustbins among people in order to save the environment. And what followed after the CM left shows the love we have, or rather obsession we have for free gifts.

The video made by news agency ANI, shows people fighting over a pile of free dustbins and the environment was quite chaotic and tensed at that moment. With the whole Darwinian theory of ‘Survival of the fittest theory’ showing its full potent, stronger people were seen pushing off the elder and weaker ones while collecting not one but multiple dustbins.

The video also shows, apart from the people’s love to maintain cleanliness, people’s complete disregard of the value ‘caring is sharing’. Perks of a capitalist society indeed where you get what you can earn, in this case the multicolored dustbins. Among the dustbin-lusting crowd were young men, older men, middle aged women and children, each one happy with their acquisition, their valued prize.

Authorities were absent from the scene, and many people were seen not taking part in the loot but making videos as well. While amusing it is to see people who might not be in need of multiple dustbins, carrying many with them, it also shows the ugly face of greed we human beings have in a third world country like India. The same reason earphones and lights are stolen from trains.

At the same time the issue shows another ugly aspect of the Indian society which has from time to time proven that it is a society based on superficiality. The authorities do not care about the environment, nor do they care about proper distribution of the dustbins and hence leading to this act of the greedy folks who shall think of other uses of dustbins as they have collected more dustbins than actual trash at their houses.

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