New Delhi: Police found skeletons of six cows in Aligarh’s Bhogpur area, stated news agency ANI. The incident reportedly took place two to three days ago on Bulandshahr-Aligarh border. While the carcasses of the cows were found in Chandaus of Aligarh, police discovered bullets in Arniya of Bulandshahr district. Meanwhile, investigation on the case is underway.

According to a report by The Indian Express, the death toll of stray cattle in Tappal area of Aligarh district hit 60 in the last one week. Police stated that the cattle had reportedly died due to “cold and weakness” as they were kept in a makeshift shelter.

In December 2018, a police inspector and a civilian died in an altercation that took place between the police personnel and locals in Uttar Pradesh. The protest was over the setting up of illegal slaughterhouses in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr region.

Farmers in Uttar Pradesh were reported to have begun locking up cows inside schools and police stations to show their protest against the menace posed by the stray cattle. At least three such incidents were brought to notice so far. The stray cattle menace has become severe, ever since the government cracked down on illegal slaughterhouses in the state. Farmers in the state had allegedly incurred severe losses due to the destruction caused by stray cattle to their cropland.

In a similar incident which occurred last year during the month of July, at least 36 cows were found dead in a cow shelter in Ghumanhera village near Dwarka. Local police, who visited the said Gaushala, noted that there were about 1400 sheltered in the gaushala.