New Delhi: Protesting against the ongoing rise in onion prices across the country proved costly for an Uttarakhand Congress leader as his finger was bitten off by a man, who he claimed, was a BJP supporter.

The incident took place on Friday in Nainital’s Buddha Park area when a group of Congress workers was protesting by selling onions at Rs 30/kg. During the protest, Congress district general secretary Nandan Mehra tried to calm down the man, identified as Manish Bisht, who was hurling abuses at the protesters.

It was during this altercation that Bisht chewed off the tip of one of Mehra’s fingers, causing it to bleed. He was nabbed by the police who arrived at the spot after being informed by other protesters about the altercation. Speaking to the media, Mehra said, “I was just trying to calm him down as he was abusing all of us. He was definitely a BJP member trying to disrupt our protest.”

A video of the incident, which later went viral, also showed Congress workers pushing and shoving the man. However, it did not show events leading to the scuffle.

Following the incident, the man was arrested and a probe was initiated into the scuffle.  The local BJP unit, however, denied that he had anything to do the party.

The skyrocketing onion prices have led to a massive war of words in the Parliament as well, with Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman even remarking that she does not know about onions’ prices as she doesn’t eat the vegetable.