Dehradun, May 1: The forest fires in Uttarakhand are still raging and the state government on Saturday went into full damage control mode, deploying National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams in several districts including Pauri, Chamoli and Almora. Two IAF Mi17 choppers were also engaged on Sunday to try and douse the flames. Meanwhile, Director of Delhi’s Fire Department will visit the hills and survey the situation, first hand.Also Read - 'Whole Town is on Fire': Over 1,000 Evacuated as Heatwave Causes Wildfires in Canada

The fire that has spread to some 13 districts in the state, has engulfed thousands of hectares of forest, causing unimaginable damage and destroying rich flora and fauna of the state. The fires have also caused etensive damage to the state’s national parks and sanctuaries including Jim Corbett and Rajaji Tiger Reserve. At least six people- including three women and one child- have also been killed in the conflagration, which started due to a combination of dry, hot weather conditions and bad forest practices, by the locals and the forest department. Also Read: Uttarakhand forest fire: Mi 17 choppers to spray water over burning forests Also Read - Nagaland's Dzukou Valley Wildfire Likely to be Fully Doused in 24 Hours: Officials

Apart from NDRF, SDRF and the Army have also been engaged in fighting the fires. The worst affected states include Chamori, Tehri, Rudrapayag, Uttarkashi, Almora, Pithrogarh and Nainital. The choppers have been deployed in Nainital and Pauri, where the damage caused is maximum. On Saturday, the governor KK Paul reviewed the sitaution with the officials over vidoeconferencing, asking them to speed their efforts to control the fires. Till now, the wildfires, which have been raging for weeks now, have devoured 1890.79 hectares of green cover. Also Read - Watch: IAF Chopper Lifts Water in Bambi Bucket To Douse Forest Fire Nagaland's Dzukou Range

(Image Credits: Anup Sah Photography/ Facebook- Ela Smetacek)