Bengaluru, May 29: While rains brought some relief for Bengaluru residents from scorching heat, it also brought toxic foam again in Varthur lake. The Varthur lake near Whitefield Main Road was filled with hazardous chemical foam. Moreover, strong winds brought the toxic froth to the hospitals, malls and houses situated near the Varthur lake, with commuters facing difficulties. Commuters on two wheelers were badly affected as the toxic foams touched their skins as well. Also Read - Bengaluru, Shimla 'Most Livable' Cities in Govt's Ease of Living Index | Check Complete List Here

The toxic froth erupted from the Varthur lake in Bengaluru on Saturday morning. The continuous rains resulted in the lake foaming again and spilling out on to the roads. This comes after Bengaluru development minister KJ George visited the area on May 26 and gave assurance of taking measures over issues affecting the area including the condition of Varthur lake. Varthur Lake is one of many lakes plagued with problems in Bengaluru. The Bellandur Lake is another lake which foams up during rains. Also Read - Karnataka Sex Tape Scandal: As Ramesh Jarkiholi Resigns, Here's a List of Past Political Controversies

Chemical discharge from surrounding establishments make lakes polluted. According to residents, some parts of the Varthur lake had been encroached upon and other parts have turned into a dump yard. The lake is polluted and often foams as sewage from many parts of the city is released into the water. High amounts of ammonia and phosphate and very low dissolved oxygen in waste water caused the snow-like foam to pile up and seep on to the road, said a Times of India report when the Varthur lake foamed in April, 2015.

Besides that, the Varthur Lake, one of the largest water bodies in Bengaluru, is situated in an industrial hub. According to the Lake Development Authority, sewage lines are connected to stormwater drains and hence sewage water enters Bellandur and Varthur lakes. The pollutants here are detergents used for washing clothes and this leads to foaming. The chemicals have even affected the underground waters. Water drawn from borewells is now polluted and causing skin diseases due to this. The Varthur lake was spread over 420 acres but now it has shrunk following encroachments.