New Delhi, May 30: A man must be cautious as to how he addresses his wife as a recent judgement passed by the Punjab and Haryana High Court shows that verbal abuse provides enough grounds for the woman to divorce her husband. In a recent case of verbal abuse, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has allowed a woman from Haryana’s Mahendergarh to divorce her husband.

As per Times of India report, the woman in her statement given to the Court spoke about ill treatment and cruelty at the hands of her husband. She said that her husband would taunt her often about her skin colour and not preparing food for him. Because of constant mental torture, the woman had to leave her in-laws house and move back to her parent’s place. The woman’s advocate JP Sharma also established the truth by stating that the woman was mistreated from the very beginning of her marriage and the man used to cal her ‘kali kaluti’.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court said in its verdict that an affidavit confirming the maltreatment received by the woman has been produced which establishes the veracity of the charges put by the woman. As per the Court,”Wife has been able to establish that she was maltreated and treated shabbily as a result of which she was compelled to stay away from the matrimonial home. The evidence produced on record is held to be good enough to arrive at a conclusion that the appellant was treated with mental and physical cruelty,” it said.

The court further observed that the woman’s parents also testified in this case which makes it even more authentic. Even after such a debacle, the woman’s father extended his hand and asked both the man’s family to set aside the grudges and but instead of trying to sort out the matter, the latter threatened the woman’s family with a second marriage of their son.