New Delhi: Union Railways Minister Piyush Goyal on Saturday explained the factors which make Goa an ideal investment destination while speaking at investment conclave ‘Vibrant Goa Global Expo and Summit 2019’. He attributed high socio-economic indicators, skilled talent, a rich culture, modern infrastructure and connectivity for making Goa an ideal destination to invest, stated a report.

Welcoming foreign investments and domestic partnerships, the Union Railway Minister said that the central government and the state government of Goa are both ‘working as double engines running and powering the train of progress’. “Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi truly wishes to see Goa as an empowered state, as an engine that will drive the growth of the country in industrialisation and more particularly, the growth in tourism of the country for which Goa is most eminently suitable,” the Union Minister for Trade and Commerce was quoted by news agency IANS as saying.

Praising Goa’s eminence in the tourism sector, Goyal, as quoted by news agency IANS, said, “Going forward, I would want more and more trains to come to Goa… Bringing tourists to the state from all parts of the country.” He also expressed delight at the fact that the conclave was conducted at the cusp of the tourist season. “Tourism is undoubtedly one of the best possibilities for the state of Goa,” he added.

Earlier, the hilly terrain and the densely populated coastal areas of Goa have rendered railway expansion projects difficult, stated Goyal. Keen on expanding the rail infrastructure in the state, Goyal appealed for support.

“I must mention that the average CAPEX (capital expenditure) in the small state of Goa has been three times more than what it was before for expanding rail infrastructure in the state,” Goyal was quoted by IANS as saying. He also talked about the per capita income of Goa.