New Delhi: Lucknow cops have been accused of snatching blankets and food meant for protesters who were holding a demonstration against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019, at the Clock Tower on Friday. A video of policemen taking away blankets and food boxes went viral to which the Lucknow Police said that they confiscated those items after due process. Also Read - Citizenship Isn't Just About Rights, But Also About Duties: CJI

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According to reports, over 500 women assembled in a Shaheen Bagh-like protest in Lucknow’s Clock Tower.

“At the clock tower in Lucknow, during an illegal protest, some people tried to pitch a tent and they were denied permission. Some groups were distributing blankets in the park and many people, who were not an even part of the protest, came to take the blankets. We had to disperse the crowd there. The blankets were seized after due process. Please don’t spread rumours,” the statement read.