Mumbai, May 23: Enforcement Directorate (ED) has pitched up its game-plan to crackdown fugitive loan defaulter Vijay Mallya. The agency has now sought help from Mumbai court to extradite Mallya. ED has asked the sessions court in Mumbai to approach the UK court for the extradition of the liquor baron.

ED has also decided to recover the outstanding loan amount, which Mallya owes to a total of 17 Indian banks. ED would begin the process of recovering money by provisional attachment of Mallya’s both movable and immovable properties. These properties have already been raided and sealed by the agency in connection with ongoing case against Mallya.

According to sources linked to India Today, ED is confident of recovering the entire amount of outstanding loan, along with the accumulated interest. As per the petition filed by the consortium of Indian banks, Mallya owes Rs 9,400 crore to a total of 17 Indian banks.

Vijay Mallya’s farm house in Goa, along with Kingfisher House in Mumbai has already been seized by the probe agency.

Earlier in the month, the foreign office of United Kingdom refused to extradite Mallya, since he entered Britain with a valid visa. Although the government was left red-faced, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley claimed that alternative methods will be used to extradite Mallya back at the earliest.