New York, September 25: Popular chef Vikas Khanna, who made news for the delectable food items he cooked for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New York, will reportedly gift a tricolour signed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to United States president Barack Obama.The fact that Modi signed the flag did not go down well with a lot of Indians, who considered the act an insult to the tricolour.

Opinions, however, seem to be divided on the issue, with some people saying that the outrage is an over reaction, while others saying that Modi insulted a national symbol. “Prime Minster has given this flag for President Obama, I will be meeting him,” Chef Vikash Khanna told ANI. Also Read: Chef Vikas Khanna cooking up a storm for Narendra Modi & global CEOs in New York

Talking about the royal feast Khanna prepared for the PM, he said, “There were total 26 dishes, which we served to the Prime Minister Modi. They were based on the different festivals of India. The dishes were served in totally new form.” The outrage is in relation with the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971, which prescribes a code of conduct of an Indian national toward national symbols, including the national flag and the national Anthem.