New Delhi: Urging protesters to introspect whether setting the public property on fire can be justified in the name of protests, PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that rights and duties go hand in hand. “I request and tell these protesters that of good roads, facilities and a clean sewerage system is a citizen’s right, then maintaining them correctly is their responsibility as well,” PM Modi said at a function in Lok Bhawan, Lucknow.

Since the passage of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019, there have been several protests against the Act across the nation. In some places, including UP, the protests became violent. Several vehicles, buses were set on fire. The Indian railways have lost property worth Rs 90 crore, it said.

“Quality education is our right but the safety of educational institutions and respect for teachers are our duties. A secure atmosphere is our right, but it’s also the duty of citizens to respect the work of police,” the PM said.

According to UP Police data till December 23, about 5,558 people have been detained and 925 people arrested. The police has filed 213 FIRs. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityantha warned that those involved in arson and destruction of public properties in the name of protests will be taken to task and they will have to pay for the damage caused by them. On Wednesday, the district administration in Rampur, where violence had taken place last Saturday, became the first to initiate the process of recovery of damage to government and public properties-sending notices to 28 city residents to pay for the damage caused by them.