Mumbai, October 6:  In a shocking piece of news that has come to light, Paralympic silver medallist Deepa Malik has alleged that she was victim to rude and insolent behaviour by the airline crew of Vistara Airlines. The airline is run as a joint venture between TATA group and Singapore International Airlines. Deepa Malik was on her way to Delhi from Mumbai. Vistara has since issued an apology.

Deepa Malik was travelling via Vistara flight UK 902 yesterday when a  cabin crew member of behaved very rudely with her. Malik also complained to the airlines about “poor handling” of wheelchair-bound passengers by the airline staff. Deepa Malik expressed her frustration with Vistara by filling out an onboard written complaint.

In the complaint, Deepa alleged that one of the cabin crew members behaved rudely with her when she was informing her mother on the phone that her flight from Mumbai was delayed. The complaint by Malik read,”Crew member Priyanka was very rude in the flight. She told me to speak softly when I called parents to inform them about the delay in flight. On objecting, she said ‘sweetheart, chill’.” Malik then added onto the complaint that “the wheelchair handling is so poor that you do not know how to shift a person from seat to cabin chair. The entire staff stands and looks at each other for 10 minutes. No action.” (ALSO READ: Indian Rio Paralympics medal winners felicitated)


Vistara did not leave her level of complaint to the walls of the aircraft. Instead, she took to microblogging site Twitter to express her frustration. In her tweets, Deepa Malik  urged the airline to treat physically challenged passengers with dignity. She then tagged her tweets to Union Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Thaawar Chand Gehlot.


“Very poor handling of wheelchair passenger in De boarding and fragile items. Rude n ill mannered crew. Sad experience. @airvistara (sic),” she tweeted.“Hope @airvistara takes note of my complaints and revert. More dignity for physically challenged passengers @socialpwds @TCGEHLOT (sic),” she said in another tweet.




Since then the relatively new airline, Vistara has issued an apology to Malik stating, “As a team, we would like to sincerely apologise Deepa for her disappointing experience. We have been in touch with Deepa and are grateful for the feedback shared by her. We are investigating the incident thoroughly and will take all necessary corrective actions to ensure something like this never occurs again,” Deepa Malik was quick to accept Vistara’s apology and tweeted out, “Yes, @airvistara was quick to respond and take prompt measures for future… They visited and resolved and also adding efforts to rectify”