New Delhi: A passenger was offloaded from Vistara flight as he insisted on smoking onboard. The incident took place on Friday. The flight was travelling from the national capital to Kolkata. Also Read - Swanky Makeover: Railway Ministry Shares Glimpses of Futuristic New Delhi Railway Station | See Photos

An official from Vistara said, “After pushback from Delhi which was the intermediate stop en route to Kolkata, we had an unruly customer situation who insisted on smoking on board.” Also Read - Snapdeal, Delhi's Palika Bazaar, Three Other Indian Shopping Complexes On US Notorious Markets List

“He has issued a warning letter by the captain and later offloaded when he denied complying with air safety rules,” a Vistara spokesperson said in a statement. Also Read - KGF 2 Teaser to be Deleted From YouTube? Activists Slam Yash For 'Promoting Cigarette Smoking'

The airline did not file any complaint after the passenger appologised for his behaviour.  He noted that the airline does not accept unruly behaviour of any kind.

The spokesperson said that the same aircraft before flying to Amritsar from Delhi was delayed after a passenger requested to be offloaded with family due to a personal emergency after pushback.

“As a result of which the aircraft had to return to the bay and undergo mandatory security rescreening, causing a delay in departure,” he added.

In a similar incident in October, a flyer was offloaded from an IndiGo flight and arrested after he allegedly molested a crew member. The flight was travelling from Mumbai to Bengaluru. The accused was identified as Raju Gangappa from Bengaluru.

Accused was booked under section 354 of Indian Penal Code (IPC). He was produced in the court and has been sent on remand till Thursday.

In 2016, a similar incident occurred where a man stripped off his clothes and harassed the flight attendants to assist him. The incident took place in Flight 6E-256 from Bubhaneshwar to Delhi.

IndiGo airlines had issued an official statement elaborating on the entire episode. The statement reads, “During the course of the flight, the male passenger in question had expressed to the crew that he does not know how to tie the seat belt. The crew assisted him on the same. The passenger then went to the lavatory where he pressed the lavatory call bell requesting assistance in the aircraft lavatory. The crew immediately went to the lavatory to help him but saw him in an objectionable state. The female crew member had refused to go inside and politely requested him to maintain some level of decency while using the lavatory.”