New Delhi, Feb 3: A group of hackers from Kerala, calling themselves the Kerala Cyber Warriors (KCW), hacked into 59 Facebook pages and groups, which contained explicit pornographic contents, including child pornographic images. In the recent operation by the self-proclaimed ethical hacking group, they have uncovered and successfully took down 34 Facebook pages and 25 Facebook groups which were involved in this activity of sharing pictures of women and children. Notably, the Kerala police recently claimed to have targeted cyber criminals involved in such explicit activity, but clearly with this move by the KCW, it has been proved that the police have not been thorough with their operation.

The KCW after hacking into the  pages, updated them with a warning in the cover photo section of the pages and claimed that they will expose the real faces behind such post if they do not stop immediately. According to The News Minute, the hackers have deleted all contents from these pages and have given the links of these pages on the hacker group’s Facebook page.

According to the KCW, while some of these pages and groups posted private or intimate pictures of girls and women, some claimed to be revenge porn sites, where users claim to share pictures of their ex-partners. Some of these pages or groups were also involved in sexting and posting of random people on their websites.


According to TNM, which reportedly contacted a member of the KCW, the KCW member revealed that,” There was even a page which had shared a picture of a child who looked no older than seven.” The Facebook groups which go with the names like ‘Love Life Girls Love Sex’, ‘Deepa and Sneha Fans’, ‘I love Ansiba’, etc. were part of those hacked.

The KCW in their warning said they are watching all and proclaimed ‘We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget, Expect us’ the famous quote of the international hacking group Anonymous, which also is involved in various moves like the KCW. The KCW on Jan 19 exposed an user by the name of “Hari Krishna”, who was in correspondence with the admin of one of the pornographic FB pages and was sharing pictures of women he claimed were his friends to get ‘dirty comments’. Prior to that KCW also exposed another such perpetrator and hence the question is how many such pages and groups are active and not being reported.

The worst part of this whole situation is that as one of the number given by KCW suggest that there are more than 10,000 such pages active in Malayalam language alone, and these groups and pages are not unpopular, instead they have likes numbering to 3,ooo and sometimes upto 10,000. Hence, not only are these pages and groups spreading pictures of people without consent but also has a huge following, which should be alarming. Apart from just pornography, the greater threat is the cyber space for children who are equally victimised.

According to a member quoted by Deccan Chronicle there were pictures of children between the age group of five to 10 as well. Apart from that, reportedly a few pages also were running prostitution rings online. In this sense, the ‘Operation Big daddy’ initiated by the Kerala Police seems like a big failure and that leads to the huge support that the hacker’s group KCW have gained.