New Delhi: A video of YSRC MP Gorantla Madhav kissing the shoe of a policeman, after cleaning it, has gone viral. It has amused social media as people suddenly discovered why Telugu movies are so melodramatic.

Watch the video here:


The shoe-licking episode, however, has a long history.

Former Telugu Desam MP JC Diwakar Reddy has recently made a controversial comment that he would make the police officers lick their shoes when his party comes to power in the next election. The association of police officers took strong objection to it and demanded his apology. Reddy didn’t backtrack; he only modified and said that he didn’t mean all police officers.


YSRC MP Goranthala Madhav, who was a police inspector before he joined politics, jumped into the situation to score some political brownie points. As a mark of protest, he took up the shoe of a policeman who died on duty and cleaned and kissed it in front of the camera.