New Delhi: In a heroic save, a Mumbai Security Force (MSF) personnel saved a 64-year-old man from coming under a train when he rushed to pull the man away from the tracks just in the nick of time.Also Read - Hyderabad Rape-Murder Accused Found Dead on Railway Track 2 Days After 'Encounter' Threat

In a video posted by the Western Railway Twitter handle on Saturday, the security personnel can be seen jumping off the platform and rushing towards the 64-year-old trying to commit suicide just as the train entered the station. Also Read - Man Booked for Criminal Offence a Day After He Committed Suicide

The caption on the video read, “Prompt & daring action by MSF staff Sh Manoj & Ashok, deployed with RPF saved the life of an sr citizen who attempted suicide at Mumbai Central Station,” says the tweet posted along with the video. “His family expressed deep gratitude to them.” Also Read - Rajasthan Girl Allegedly Raped By Father, Brother Kills Self on Knowledge

The man can be seen getting off the platform as the public looks on and slowly walks over to the railway track and lies on as the train approaches the station. It is then that a MSF personnel runs towards him and pulls his away.