New Delhi: A woman and a man on a scooter were caught on camera for misbehaving and throwing a fit at the traffic policeman who stopped them for not wearing helmets on Wednesday. The duo was arrested on Tuesday night.

The incident surfaced online in which the duo, Anil Pandey and pillion rider Madhuri, were seen misbehaving and trying to escape the traffic police.

In the video, the woman can be seen getting off the vehicle and pushing away the policeman. She can be heard hurling abuses and shouting at the cop, while the man who was also without a helmet claimed that there was a death in the family and they needed to rush.

While Madhuri was engaged in the argument, the man tried to drive away and escape when one of the policemen snatched the key from the vehicle and asked him to park the vehicle aside. The woman then tried to push the policeman again and take the keys from his hand.

The incident happened around 6:30 PM on Tuesday and caused a major traffic jam making it difficult for the two to escape. According to the police, both of them were drunk.

A case was registered against the two by the traffic policeman following which they were arrested.