New Delhi: A day after several protests against the amendments to the Citizenship Act rocked the capital leading to network clampdown in several parts of the city, youth leader Chandrashekhar Azad led a huge crowd of protesters inside the Jama Masjid premises on Friday. The congregation was unprecedented given the fact that the Delhi Police took several measures since the morning. Chandrashekhar’s Bhim Army was scheduled to take out a protest rally from the Jama Masjid to the India Gate on Friday at 5 PM. Police denied permission and kept a strong vigil over the sensitive area. The Delhi Metro Railway Corporation shut Jama Masjid railway station.

The crowd of protesters surrounding leader Chandrashekhar presented a unique spectacle on the hallowed staircases of Jama Masjid.

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It remained a mystery as to how Chandrashekhar Azad suddenly appeared inside Jama Masjid. Later, he was detained by the Delhi Police.

Friday was indeed a stunner from the Bhim Army chief as according to reports he not only managed to cock a snook at the Delhi Police by suddenly appearing inside Jama Masjid, he also managed to escape from the police.

The Bhim Army is eyeing to enter the political fray in Delhi by fielding candidates in 15 Dalit and Muslim Assembly seats.