New Delhi: Expressing helplessness over the situation of law and order across the country, Samajwadi Party MP Jaya Bachchan on Thursday said women are nowhere secure in the country, but such issues can’t be strongly condemned in Parliament. “What to do? We can’t use strong words to condemn such incidents enough. There is no safety in Uttar Pradesh as well. I am so enraged right now that I feel that you will be at the receiving end of my outbursts,” the MP said addressing the reporters — in a lighter vein, of course.

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Two days ago, the MP stirred a row by demanding ‘death by lynching’ of the accused in the rape and the murder case of the Hyderabad doctor. ” I know it sounds harsh, but these kinds of people should be brought out in public and lynched,” Jaya Bachchan said in Parliament. The comment sparked a row as questions were being raised whether lynching can be a solution to any crime.

On Thursday, a rape survivor was set on fire by the accused and was admitted to the hospital with 90 per cent burn injuries. Justifying her demand for a harsh punishment, Jaya Bachchan on Thursday said, “What to do! These are our feelings.”