Darjeeling: Not many know that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is a fitness freak.

On Thursday, Banerjee took part in a 10 kilometers long march in Darjeeling hills to create awareness on the conservation of the environment. She was accompanied by senior bureaucrats, police officers and local Trinamool Congress workers in the picturesque northern Bengal hill town of Kurseong in Darjeeling district.

Banerjee marched 5km downhill from Kurseong to the Mahanadi area and then took the return route uphill to observe the International Day of Climate Action. She even interacted with the locals during the march and spoke on the issues related to environment conservation and keeping the greenery intact.

In a tweet, she also urged people to make a pledge to make every effort to save the planet through environmental conservation.


During the entire exercise, the Chief Minister kept close tabs on the Maharashtra and Haryana assembly election results.

Known for her passion for walking, Banerjee is often seen going on evening walks in Kolkata and squeezes time out of her busy schedule to have walk sessions. During her walk sessions, she also asks journalists and government officials, including senior police personnel, to accompany her in order to keep themselves fit. She also works daily on the treadmill.

She is known for covering miles after miles almost daily without displaying an iota of fatigue. Even doctors have appreciated Banerjee’s walking habit, saying this very habit has kept the CM away from various ailments, be heart-related, blood sugar or fat.

Here is the video she posted on her official Facebook page: