New Delhi: In a freak incident, an escalator heading upwards accidentally started moving in the reverse direction at the ever-bustling Andheri railway station in Mumbai. At least two persons were injured in the incident, officials said on Wednesday. Also Read - Mumbai's Iconic Karachi Bakery Shuts Down. Here's Why

The stampede-like situation happened on February 17, Monday, on Platform No. 3 of Andheri station during the busy hour. A video was shared on the micro-blogging website Twitter by news agency ANI in which passengers were seen caught unaware of the sudden change of direction. Also Read - Mumbai Local Train: Real-time Updates to Prevention of Accidents | Check Benefits of MTRC System

As seen in the video, a huge crowd of people was moving in the upward direction with the help of the escalator, when it suddenly encountered a jerk, malfunctioned, and started moving in the reverse order at an increased speed. As a result, people found themselves hurtling backwards and down falling amidst the hoard of passengers.

According to officials of the Western Railway, there was a brake slippage issue or a malfunction in the motor’s coupling system due to which the incident happened. Overloading on the escalator could also be one of the reasons, the official said.