Patna, Nov 22: Bihar politics have reached a new low with more ‘cut your throat’, ‘chop your fingers’ remarks. Now, Bihar former chief minister Rabri Devi has said that many people in Bihar are “ready to slit Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s throat and chop his hand.” Reacting to Bihar Bharatiya Janata Party chief Nityanand Rai’s renark threatening to chop off hands of those criticising PM Modi, Rabri Devi, addressing a function on Tuesday, said that there were many who were ready to chop the Prime Minister’s hands.

“Wo log kehte hain, Narendra Modi pe ungli uthayenge to ungli tod denge, haath kaat denge. Kaat ke dhikao. Pure desh ke log, Bihar ke log kya chup baithe rahenge? Yahan Modi ka haath kaatne waale, gala kaatne wale bohot log khade hain (They say they will chop the fingers of those pointing fingers at Narendra Modi. Let us see how you can do it. Will the whole country, people of Bihar sit silent? Here, there are many who want to chop Modi’s hands and cut his throat),” Rabri Devi said.

This came even as Nityanand Rai had taken back his statement threatening those who criticise Prime Minister Narendra Modi.Reacting to the furore over his remark on Tuesday, Rai said, “Maine muhaware ke roop mein kaha tha. Main khed vyakt karta hun aur apne bayaan ko wapas leta hoon (I said it like a proverb. I regret my statement and take back the remark).”

On Monday, Rai had sparked a controversy after he told his supporters to chop off or break fingers and hands raised against Narendra Modi. Addressing the members of the Vaishya and Kanu (OBC) communities at a function, Rai had said that Modi came from a poor family and had risen through ranks to become the Prime Minister.

“When Narendra Modi’s mother would serve food to him, neither she would see her son in that plate nor the son would see the mother. From such circumstances, he has grown to be PM — the son of a poor, each individual should be honoured by this. Unki or uthne waali ungali ko, uthne waale haath ko…hum sub milke…ya to tod dein, zaroorat pari to kaat dein. (Any finger or hand raised against the PM, we should get together to either break it, if need be, chop it off),” Rai had said.