New Delhi: A shoe was hurled at BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao when he was addressing a press conference at the party headquarters in the national capital.

Speaking of the Congress party, Rao was interrupted by a flying shoe that nearly missed him. The accused was then caught and escorted out by some people.

Rao then said, “Condemnable action on the part of the Congress party. This is another attempt by another Congress inspired person. Who comes in here to show the same kind of mentality… ”

He then urged the media persons to remain seated and proceed as planned.

Reportedly, Rao was discussing the BJP’s decision of fielding Sadhvi from the Bhopal constituency and lashing out against Congress for ‘defaming Hindus’.

Meanwhile, the accused has been identified as Shakti Bhargava from Kanpur but the motive behind his ‘shoe hurling’ remains unclear.


The press meet was suspended at the time of updating the story