New Delhi: A two-year-old fell off the third-floor window of the house as he was playing. But as luck would have it, no injuries were found.

Here’s what happened:

The toddler somehow managed to hang onto the second-floor window grille and started screaming which gathered a crowd of passers-by. The passers-by caught him with their bare hands, according to reports.


The incident took place on Sunday but came to light when the CCTV footage of the miraculous incident was spotted. Jamal was playing with his elder brother when the incident happened. The elder brother went to the kitchen for a short while when Jamal came near the window and opened it and slipped outside.

As the CCTV footage shows, one passer-by notices the hanging kid. A few moments later, more assemble and they catch Jamal. They fell down on the ground but none of them was hurt. The family is much in shock as there was little chance for Jamal’s life had he not got stuck in the second floor, or hand he not been spotted by the passers-by.

(With Agency Inputs)