Bellary: A Karnataka Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA has given a stern warning to those protesting against the new Citizenship law, asking them to consider what would happen if the majority community takes charge and hit the streets. Also Read - UP: Priyanka Gandhi Meets Families of Victims of CAA Protest Violence

Addressing a rally in north Karnataka’s Ballari on Friday, Somashekar Reddy said that opposing the new Citizenship act as well as the NRC will not be good for the protesters as they will have to face serious repercussions. Also Read - Ministers Urge to Give Missed Calls Supporting CAA; People Share Screenshot on Twitter

“It’s just a cation for those who are protesting against the CAA. We are 80 per cent and you (Muslims) are 18 per cent. Imagine what will happen if we take charge,” the BJP leader said in an obvious reference to the Muslim community. Also Read - Citizenship Amendment Act: Pakistani Refugees Thank Amit Shah, Present Memento For Bringing in CAA

“Beware of the majority when you live in the country. This is our country. If you want to live here, you will have to, like the Australian Prime Minister said, follow the country’s traditions.” he added.

He didn’t stop there.

He asked the dissenters to go to Pakistan if they wanted. “We don’t have any issues,” he asserted. “If you will act as enemies, we should also react like enemies,” he added.

Earlier, Bengaluru BJP MP Tejaswi Surya reportedly called CAA protesters as “puncturewalas”.

Last month, scores of people from all walks of life protested against the contentious Act, demanding CAA be revoked- on the concern that it makes religion a criterion for granting citizenship, which in turns, violates the spirit of the Indian Constitution. The protests, though have simmered down, are still continuing across India.

Notably, the CAA seeks to grant citizenship to non-Muslim refugees who came to India before December 31, 2014, to escape religious persecution in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.