New Delhi: Puducherry Lieutenant Governor (L-G) Kiran Bedi Kiran Bedi, who became the centre of trolls on Saturday for posting a hoax video titled ‘NASA Recorded Video of Sun Chanting Om’, today remained firm on her stand and said that one may choose to believe in it or not- “it is their choice”.

“We may agree or not agree. Both choices are. Good #MorningNutrition,” Bedi said in a tweet. Not only that, she attached a graphic with the tweet, that said, “Om is the vibration and consciousness of the entire universe”– precisely trying to explain what ‘Om’ is.

Meanwhile, a screenshot of a Whatsapp chat with Kiran Bedi, is doing rounds on social media, where she is clarifying why she posted the doctored video.

“Even if it is fake it’s worth listening to it. It’s good and soothing. It’s enriching to the inner being,” she is saying in the chat.

She goes on to add that, “The NASA factor may be fake but the vibrations one can get by listening to it are not.”

It must be noted that it was not immediately clear if the WhatsApp grab is from a real conversation with Kiran Bedi or fake.

Back in 2018, data from ESA and NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) captured the dynamic movement of the Sun’s atmosphere for over 20 years, which lets researchers listen to the sun’s eruptions, loops, waves and other activity.

Well, this is what the Sun actually sounds like: