New Delhi: Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Thursday gave a written statement to Gujarat High Court to speed up the investigation and trial in cases pertaining to women and children’s safety, like rape and cases that come under POCSO Act.

“Hope you will appreciate that completion of trial within 2 months&appeals within 6 months of cases of rapes is now a statutory obligation under Criminal Law (Amendment) Act,” RS Prasad stated.

“We owe it to our daughters and sisters and their families who are unfortunate victims of these heinous crimes, a fair and prompt trial. The Union government is committed to support efforts in enhancing the safety of women and children in all possible manner,” he added.

The fast-tracking rape and assault cases was announced by the Union Law and Justice Minister in the backdrop of the brutal rape and murder in Telangana as well as Unnao that left the entire country shaken up.

Earlier on Sunday, Ravi Shankar Prasad had said that he would write to chief ministers and high court chief justices of all states to complete the procedure of rape and POCSO cases within the span of two months.

“I am going to write letters to all the chief ministers urging them to complete the investigation within two months in rape and POCSO cases,” Prasad had told reporters, adding that such incidents against women are unfortunate and highly condemnable.