New Delhi, December 24: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday congratulated his party workers for giving a tough fight to the BJP in the recently concluded assembly elections in Gujarat. The newly-elected Congress president said he is confident that his party will form next government in the state.

Rahul Gandhi also hinted that there are certain people within the Congress who were working against the party during the Gujarat assembly elections and promised that action will be taken against them.

“In the Gujarat assembly elections, ninety per cent of the people fought together and made efforts with the Congress in the election, but 5-10 per cent didn’t help the party. The party will be taking action against them,” he said.

On Saturday morning the Congress chief visited Ahmedabad and held zone-wise “introspection meetings” in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad to ascertain reasons for the party’s defeat.

“Let me tell you about the reasons for our defeat. In the last 20 years, the BJP and Mr Modi have run a campaign of defamation against Congress party workers and leaders,” Rahul Gandhi said.

However, the Gandhi scion said that the perception of the party’s ability to win seats in the state has changed following the results.

“I want to congratulate all workers for a well-fought election. 3-4 months ago, people were questioning if the Congress could even contest elections in Gujarat,” the Congress leader said.

In Gujarat, the Congress has lost the election but the party has been boasting about the results as a symbolic victory for its cadre as it instilled a sense of confidence within the ranks.

The Congress president further added that his sole mission in the election was to boost the confidence in the Gujarat Congress that they can defeat the BJP.

“If the Congress in Gujarat believes that it can win the elections, we will win. 70% of you believed this. We saw the results. You now know that Congress can win elections in Gujarat,” Rahul Gandhi said.

While addressing the newly-elected MLAs in the state, Gandhi asked them to keep working for the people of the state as all ayes are now set upon them and their performance will impact the Congress in the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha election.

Rahul Gandhi started his day in Gujarat by offering prayers at the Somnath temple in the state.