Kolkata, May 11: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has claimed that a political party has given supari (contract) to have her killed. “The people who are trying to kill me have also carried out a recce of my house. The police have asked me to change houses because earlier also, there has been an attempt on my life,” she said in an exclusive interview to a regional channel. While claiming that she didn’t fear death, Banerjee said she had even mentioned who will run the government and her party (Trinamool Congress Party) in her absence in her will as well. Also Read - War of Words Breaks Out in Kerala Political Circle Over Naming of New RGCB Campus After Golwalkar

During the interview, Banerjee talked about how her party fared vis-a-vis other political parties. She said her government had spent close to Rs 2 crore on Kanyashree scheme but the Opposition parties were still trying to malign her government. She said that across the nation, close to 12,000 farmers had committed suicide. There was polarisation on the basis of caste and creed and communal clashes were rampant. “Where is CPI(M)? The Congress does not even protest,” she pointed out. Also Read - Hyderabad Civic Polls: What Do GHMC Results Mean For BJP? How Amit Shah's 2017 Plan Worked Against TRS | Explained

She said none of the Opposition parties were to be trusted to maintain peace. While the BJP was planning an unrest, even the CPI(M) and the Congress would aggravate the situation by actively participating and “hurling bombs,” she said. On the recent violent clashes in the state during Ramnavami processions, Banerjee claimed that the perpetrators had been imported from other states. She said, “Have you ever seen people flashing arms during Ramnavami? People observed Ramnavami earlier too. They roped in people from Jharkhand to create unrest in Asansol and Raniganj.”? Also Read - Mamata Banerjee Calls For Three-Day Protest in Kolkata Against Centre's Farm Laws

On the need for a third front at the Centre, Banerjee said that if the BJP or the Congress thought they could go it alone, they were mistaken. She said the regional parties were powerful; a big factor. “The Congress alone cannot defeat BJP. If regional parties come together, they can bridge the gap between other political parties. I never wanted to be a leader, just wanted to be a supporter.”

Among her peers, Banerjee thought RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav held promise. “I think Lalu Prasad Yadav will do well. Chandrababu Naidu in Andhra Pradesh is also a factor,” she said. As far as Karnataka Assembly elections’ verdict was concerned, Banerjee foresaw a hung Assembly. She also said that the BJP would lose in Rajasthan whereas the Congress would do well in Madhya Pradesh, a state which has a BJP government currently.