Kolkata, June 18: A girl while playing with a loaded pistol which she actually thought to be a toy in the first place, accidentally shot her mother in West Bengal’s Hoogly district yesterday. Incidentally, the alleged pistol was given to the girl by the mother herself. The police said that the pistol, which they mistakenly took for a toy, was found in the garden outside the girl’s house at Khanakul in Arambag yesterday morning.

The police added that while the girl was playing with it, she accidentally shot her mother in the back. The girl’s mother was there upon rushed to the Arambag Hospital where her condition is said to be critical. Though the girl has been held for questioning, the incident has left the girl in a state of shock and she is unable to comprehend anything at the moment, said the police.

The police said,”The girl said the pistol suddenly went off and the bullet hit her mother sitting in the room. She is in a state of shock.” As of now, an investigation has been launched as to how the pistol came to be in the garden.